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ORBIT ENDÜSTRI has two main activities:

International purchasing:
We find the manufacturers, select the products, buy them and import them, and finally manage the logistics in the country of destination.

Own brand development:
We design, manufacture, purchase, stock and distribute products bearing our customers’ own brands.

Our offices around the world establish direct relationships with producers, giving our clients full control over their international purchases.

ORBIT ENDÜSTRI is involved in a European business alliance with several renowned companies.



For more than 10 years, ORBIT ENDÜSTRI has been importing goods all over the world.

Our continued commitment is to provide consumers with quality, affordable and sustainably sourced products. 



When purchasing abroad, we act responsibly and sustainably, in line with our customers’ Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

We focus on:

Respect for human rights and dignity

Environmental protection
promoting sustainable growth

Our fundamental values are integrity, professionalism, respect (in all its forms: people, commitments, the environment, etc.), a constant concern for safety, a responsible attitude towards the community and exemplary behavior.

Fair & lasting


We seek to build fair and lasting relationships with its suppliers – and rejects short-sighted opportunism. In return, they benefit from the assurance of a long-lasting and profitable relationship with our entire distributor network – and the consumers themselves.

In 2019, 85% of ORBIT ENDÜSTRI’s activity was carried out with producers with whom we have been working for at least 3 years.

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