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ORBIT ENDÜSTRI has two main activities:

– International purchasing
– Own brand development

Our offices around the world establish direct relationships with producers, giving our clients full control over their international purchases.

ORBIT ENDÜSTRI is involved in a European business alliance with several renowned companies …



An essential part of ORBIT ENDÜSTRI’s job is to ensure that the products sold are safe and reliable for our consumers.

We test products before, during and after production to make sure they meet the latest international and local standards.

Our concern for quality defines our entire activity. A lot depends on the systematic care we take to eliminate risks …


quality !

ORBIT ENDÜSTRI’s quality department is backed by a dedicated.

Its mission is to:

Commission and survey process, labor audits

Suggest improvement to be negotiated with local business developers

Monitor the strict compliance of final products with contractual specifications …

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